We Are Jacks


At Jacks' Core...

We mix the quality gastronomic, with the good-time feels. Centred around the lasting bonds of family and friendship, both our team within and the wider community beyond. Events, cosmopolitan food, quality drink, and always table service with a familiar smile – WE ARE JACKS.

Jacks Les Menuires, opening soon
We are Jacks
We are Jacks

Our Brand Values – what makes us who we are

Creativity, Experimentation + Adaptability  

No idea is a bad idea. Freedom of thought and expression. Whether it be a gastronomic re-invention, or simply a welcoming smile. Think like a spork.


We are the feel-good fun factory, and our product is lasting memories.  


We treat everyone like family, always welcoming and warm like your favourite pair of slippers. We are an integral community hub, inclusive to all our guests and staff. 


Onward we say! Innovate and lead, dragging seasonal hospitality out of the stagnant norms and into a new era. 


Our driving brand value, we always bring entertainment to our customers and the community.

Our Mission

Chilling on a sunny terrace eating homemade food, washed down with a refreshing drink while listening to some toe-tapping live music.  

These are the experiences we deliver to our community all year round. Providing those feel-good moments that make you smile. Ultimately every visit to Jacks is familiarly welcoming, fun and entertaining.   

Our Vision

To bring the Jacks’ brand of entertainment and good times to our customers wherever they may be, while staying true to our family values and immovable in the quality of our food. 

The Jacks you see now is not the Jacks you saw yesterday. Thinking bigger we rebranded our original two venues (Jacks Bar and Evolution) as Jacks, moved to a new premise in Méribel, extended our brand reach via marketing, grew our senior management team, trained and developed our staff, purchased a new major venue at our second alpine location… we grew. 

But we don’t intend to stop there. Through data-driven decisions, we expect to widen our brand appeal. We want the Jacks brand to be synonymous with the alpine holiday and the reason to pick a holiday destination. We are actively seeking new locations throughout the French Alps and – from mountain to beach – a summer location to call home. But, as always, we intend to stay a business that continues to develop our staff and our family.

Our Purpose

Why do we exist? To deliver tasty homemade food and quality drinks, serving direct from the kitchen to hungry bellies all year round. To be the epicentre of events in the community, and most importantly, to craft lasting memories.